Marine Livefleet will allow you to manage, share and track your vessels in a whole new way

We can help you keep your fleet data accurate, highly visual, centralised and published to a wide variety of mediums such as web, mobile app, print and visual displays.


Central Content Management

We keep fleet data accurate by ensuring your printed Tech Sheets, Website, Mobile App and Presentations have the same data updated from a single Fleet Management Platform. Options available to export the data as a feed for use in other systems.

Tech Sheet Creation

Comprehensive Vessel Technical Specification Sheets with Schematics are created on the fly to PDF in High Print Resolution. The latest information is always ready to share with customers and staff. Costly design bills and print runs are a thing of the past.

Custom Mobile App

Keep your customers informed with your own branded Mobile Fleet App. Allows refined vessel searching, filtering on favorites, full specifications, real time vessel map positioning, company news and push notification alerts. Your fleet at the worlds fingertips, always current and alerting your customers.

Website Integration

Complete Fleet Gallery with Technical Specifications and downloadable PDF easily incorporated to existing websites, skinable to your brand.

Vessel Tracking & Alerts

Current and historical AIS Terrestrial and Satellite Vessel Tracking with higher map functionality and triggered alerts. Options to display wind, current and wave as well as navigational charts, closest point of approach and vessel following.


Fleet data can be displayed to large screens in foyers, exhibitions and board rooms with fleet zooming and tracking. Customised branding and design ensures an exciting and informative overall view of your fleet.



Backend Administration

A central database is adapted to your vessel requirements, with the ability to customise the fields and criteria.


Tech Sheet Creation

Create & Share High Resolution print ready Technical Sheets on the fly from your central vessel database at the click of a link.


Web & Mobile Distribution

Seamlessly distribute your fleet data to your website and mobile app, includes photos, video and AIS tracking. Alert your customers when new information is at hand.


Global Vessel Tracking & Alerts

Track your vessels and set alerts on events. A multitude of display options can be customised to your requirement.

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How It Works

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Manage your vessels. Anywhere, anytime.

A detailed vessel module template can be modified to suit your organisations needs. You control the fields of information you wish to record on each vessel, defining what is required or optional input. Insert images and video for galleries as well as link to pdf schematics, all managed securely from your web browser anywhere in the world.

Integrate to varied mediums. Web, Mobile, Print, Displays.

Your fleet information is displayed seamlessly within custom designed Web Templates at your website. We integrate your vessels to a branded native iOS and Android App for phone and tablet, keeping your customers and staff up to date no matter where they are. You are also provided with the ability to download print PDF Technical Vessel Sheets and a wide array of options for amazing virtual tracking displays for your foyers, board room and exhibitions.

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Track your fleet live.

Tap into a wealth of historical data on your vessels as well as monitor the location of your fleet. Through our strategic alliance with Fleetmon we can provide feeds on current and historical AIS Terrestrial and Satellite Vessel Tracking with higher map functionality and triggered alerts. Options to display wind, current and wave as well as navigationsl charts, closes point of approach and vessel following. Don't have AIS on a vessel? Fully autonomous S1 Transponder devices available to purchase at competitive rates.

  • "Marine LiveFleet stops the need to keep separate content libraries for your printed Technical Sheets and Website. It extends this reach with a Mobile App and Fleet Tracking System.

    Richard Sojka / Glenfield Digital

  • "Access a variety of information about your Vessel, send mobile push notifications and trigger specific events based on your requirements.

    Luc Baeten / Milèstre


How does Marine LiveFleet save me time?

By centralising your content to one management and distribution interface your administration requirement and cost overheads are reduced. Vessel Technical Specifications can be easily printed in-house or distributed as PDF's without the need to typeset or export to design systems. Website content is automatically populated with Fleet Information and we provide the ability to have your own Mobile Apps at iTunes and Google Play stores.

What's more all your vessel information is now kept accurate from the one place!

What vessel data is tracked?

We provide AIS Terrestrial and Satelite Feeds both in real-time and delayed. Historical records are kept on vessel movements. Aspects such as direction vessel facing, destination, last ports, latitude, longitude, navigation status, air temperature, sea level pressure, ice cover, wind direction, wind speed, wind gust, wave significant height, wave direction and mean period of wind in 1/second.

How customised can my Fleet information be?

We know each Marine Organisation or fleet is unique and are able to easily adapt content and functionality accordingly. Your core fleet data can be easily changed, with additional content fields added. The user experience interface is customised to your liking, our Designers (or in conjunction with your Design Team) can create an amazing look and feel for your Website Fleet Gallery, Mobile App, Technical Sheets and Mapping Displays. All of which are branded to your organisations style guide.

Is this simply a Marine Traffic Portal?

We are not a Marine Traffic Portal Service nor do we try to be one website or app dedicated to reporting on all vessels worldwide. Marine LiveFleet was created to empower marine service providers to manage their vessel fleet, share information and services with their customers & staff in unique ways. We further enhance this user experience with AIS tracking and other functionality to provide value added benefits to the medium you are viewing.

Can I export my content to other systems?

Yes, you are able to feed out the core Fleet Database as an XML Feed and make calls on the tracking API for your own uses.

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